Sep 6

During every secure transaction with the FB the root password is requested. This is because the FB does not trust the public key of the development PC that is passed to the FB during any secure operation (e.g. ssh or scp). To prevent typing the password all the time the public key of the development PC can be added to the list of key that are authorized by the FB to gain access.

On the development PC, make sure you are logged in as the user that will also be used for development of FB applications. In a terminal window, enter the command ssh-keygen -t rsa, this will generate a public and private key pair. When prompted for the file in which the key will be save, press enter. Same for the prompts to enter a passphrase and to enter it for confirmation. This will generate the file in the /home/jan/.ssh folder. Copy this file to the FB using the scp /home/jan/.ssh/ root@FOXBoard:/root/.ssh command. Now you still need to enter the password pass. In a second terminal, start a ssh terminal to the FB. In the folder /root/.ssh add the file to the file containing all authorization keys using the command cat >> authorized_keys. When finished, remove the public key using the command rm

Now all secure actions should no longer ask for a password (e.g ssh and scp). This can be tested by closing the ssh terminal using the exit command and starting again the terminal using ssh root@FOXBoard, indeed, it is started without the password prompt.

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