May 7

Chapter 4 of the manual becomes interesting,  it explains how the create a new project. The previous chapter explains that Anjuta works with project files that are located in the folder of the project. In such project files the make files are stored. This might explain why the build menu is disabled, there is no project file in this folder.

Selecting the File | New… | Project option displays a message that it could not find autogen version 5, this can be downloaded from There is no autogen in the Add/Remove application part, it is however available in the Synaptic Package Manager. After installation and selecting the File | New… | Project option a Application Wizzard is started. The first page indeed explains that as part of the process a build file will be generated.

I have no idea what the create, so below settings are based on common sense. As project type there is an Anjuta Plugin in the C tab, it looks tempting to use this one but I decide the click the Generic C project instead. In the next tab a project name is provided that is automaticly added to my development folder in the next tab. I do not want to add internationalization support and after confirming the settings several files are generated. A “Hello World” application is generated automaticly and a build is started. There are several error messages displayed that I need to install more stuff but before I can read them they are gone…..

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