Aug 15

In order to do quick experiments and have access to the RoboCOM interface I plan to develop a simple development board that holds an ATMEGA32 and the hardware needed for the interface. All pins that are not needed can be connected to headers allowing easy connection of wires to a breadboard.

You can download the schematic heresuccessful experiment. The power supply is regulated on the board and set to 5V which could be reduced but I would like to option to be able to use the maximum frequency of the AVR. The communication uses a MAX489 to generated the RS485 signals, two normal RJ45 network connectors are used to simplify the cabling. The interrupt line can be pulled low by driving the FET Q1, if the slave is the last one on the bus it can terminate the bus by placing jumper JP1. The LED D1 will be used to signal communication, the LED D2 is available for the application, this makes debugging always a bit more easy.

The board has been designed and is now in production at EuroCircuits. The size is set so the width is the same as a breadboard, they can be mounted together on a hard surface.


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