FOX Board LX832

As brains for (some of) my robots I’m using a FOX Board LX832 from ACME Systems. Since it runs Linux 2.6 a Linux based PC environment is required to develop applications in C for the FOX Board. I had no experience in working with Linux and ran into various problems before I was able to write my first application for the FOX Board. This page explains how to setup the environment using:

  • Ubuntu 8.04 as the operating system of the PC
  • Geany as the Integrated Development Environment for editing and compiling the source code
  • Kdbg as the debugger in case the application does not do what I expected it to do

After following the process listed below you will be able to create a HelloWorld application, compile it, send it to the FOX Board, start the application in the debugger and step through the code line by line blinking an LED that is connected to one of the outputs of the FOX Board.

Step 1: Installing Ubuntu

Step 2: Installing Geany and Kdbg

Step 3: Installing the Software Development Kit for the FOX Board

Step 4: Building and programming a distribution including gdbserver

Step 5: Creating HelloWorld

Step 6: Executing HelloWorld

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