About me

Electronic experiment kitBy nature I’m lazy, from the moment I could walk I tried to automate everything. In the beginning mostly mechanical but later on also using motors and other electrical parts. First battery powered but quickly followed by 220V mains powered parts. After blowing several fuses and nearly got electrocuted my parent give me at 15 years of age my first Philips Electronic Experiment kit as a birthday gift. This box allowed easy prototype of a number of projects in the manual.  I quickly extended the kit myself with standard components and started to design own electronics learning the hard way everything I needed to know on how to design stable electronics.

My passion for automation remained, I found it fascinating to see how a block of metal could be brought to life using motors, sensors and driving electronics. When the first micro controllers became commercially available I realized that “in the future” the driving electronics would become more and more important so having a good knowledge of both designing digital electronics and the development of the embedded software was key.

I selected the INTEL MCS51 8052 micro controller to learn how to work with micro controllers, main reason for this selection was that this controller has an embedded BASIC interpreter in the chip, all what was needed is a serial interface and a terminal program to start developing BASIC programs.

By the time I was ready to develop my first robot I completed my Bachelor of Science study of Technical Computer Science. However at that moment (early ’90) there were no jobs for starting engineers so I decided to hold of the robots and focused on finding commercial projects where I could make use of my knowledge and earn a decant living. As a result I founded the company Embedded Control BV and executed several projects from idea to prototype to small series.

Now 20 years later I learned that there is more in life than working and I managed to better select the projects that I accept. This freed up time which I can now spend on my hobbies: gardening, horses, my wife, my son and so on.

And of course: building robots….